An Artist inside me..?

Hi guys.. Good evening.. It’s has been a month from my last blog..So, I was wondering what has happen to me? Why was I not concentrating in my blogs..? Whether I lost my interest or didn’t get any content or what else? Later I realize that I was trying to figure out an hidden potential..Yes, An Artist inside me !!

Rather towards the end of this blog, you all will realize that there is always an artist inside everyone.. Only thing we need is strong determination in achieving it !!

So, Let me start my journey…I have made up mind to become a graphic designer, but unlike other I have no clarity on where to start, what should i do, how do i achieve it..Then I came across this Karenx blog started blindly believing in it.. (Of-course Thanks to my friend for sharing these blog & making me follow it!!) You can draw in 30 days or less- A book by Mark Kistler..No..No, its just not a book, we have to say a beginner guide for graphic designer…Just from the topic of the book, we all can predict that yes, this is one such book which is going to make as a artist.. No that’s not true. Instead it is one such book, which would make us differentiates from others on how we look at things. Yes.. I feel the very first thing which differentiates a common person and an graphic designer is they looking at the things differently..

Here comes my journey on How to draw in 30 days or less.. (Disclaimer: Some sketches really horrible!!, please avoid seeing the same..)Pics_1














There are 30 chapters in this book. I have completed 30 chapter and at the end of each chapter, i could realize the sense of satisfaction of my work. But still one chapter i am trying to figure out the method how to draw.. Yes, i.e. chapter no 28: The Human Face.. See my below work..


Sometimes things doesn’t happens in the way we intend to !! (Like this Human face pics). I still trying to make it work..Hope so it does one day!!

So, 30 days of expected journey, completed in a span of 2 weeks.. When i look back from Day 1 & Day 14 (below shown image), I questioned myself whether there is really an Artist in me?


All I have to say is, there can be possibility of Artist inside everyone.. Only thing which drives me forward is my constant efforts to Try.. There is no harm in trying right!! And now this quotes strikes my mind,

It’s better to have Tried & Failed

Than Failing to try !!

Hope so now this quotes has most value to it!! So guys, Keep trying, whatever it might me.. There is always an Artist inside everyone !!

All the best !!


Do post your comments & feedback below!! Thanks

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