Blogging Mistakes and Lessons learnt from my 49 Blogs

Mistakes are common and everyone makes it. We should be thankful for making mistakes, because it gives as an opportunity to learn better. So this blog is all about the mistakes and the lessons which I have learnt from my 49 Blogs. ( And Yes, this is my 50th Blog too.. I am so happy for myself !)

If someone starting a new blog or planning to start a new blog, this blog may come handy. Before starting, Let me classify my mistakes into several buckets for easier understanding

  • Mistakes found & Corrected
  • Mistakes found & Not Corrected yet
  • Mistakes not Found

Mistakes found & corrected

In this first bucket consists of the list of mistakes which I founded over a period of time and taken some appropriate action for correction.

Don’t write just for the sake of writing. Have content to write

People are not fools to read your blog and feeling that they have wasted the time. My very first blog, has no content. Even now if you read my first blog, you will think that this blogger is stupid. This is the very first mistake I did !

Artboard 2

Lessons Learnt: Instead of writing a blog without any content, better don’t write.

Say no to Short Form Text/Informal Language

The primary need of any blog is to communicate. But initially, I thought that writing a blog is like chatting with a friend and I used short form text/ Informal Language.My entire perception of blog was wrong and with this one mistake I could turned down many audience to read my further blog.

Artboard 1
Snapshot showing my first sentence from my first blog

Lessons Learnt: Primary need of any Blog is too communicate. Make sure you do it. Avoid use informal text

Using a Mind Voice technique

I was assuming that I was doing something more creative, more innovative style of writing like whatever mentioned in (parenthesis) are my mind voices. But then I realize that I was creating a confusion among the readers. And in some cases my words says something and my mind voice says something different. This reduces the trustworthiness of the blogger and blog. It creates a confusion of what should I follow now. Whether the words inside ( ) or Outside ) ( .

Artboard 3
Snapshot showing the mind voices which I have used in my blog on attitude

Lessons Learnt: Don’t think you are genius and confuse your audience. You are just one among audience and think in their point of view when you write. Say no to Mind voice Technique

Blog Layout (Structure/Hierarchy)

Blog writing is not an essay writing. But it doesn’t mean that it should not have an structure. But my initial 6 to 7 blogs have no proper structure or layout. Started without giving proper introduction about what the blog is about, what is point which I want to stress upon, what is the conclusion or take away from my blog…. None of these point are clear. Though my content is clear, a blog without layout just dilute my content.

Lesson Learnt: Make sure your blog has some structure

Spellcheck- Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

When you see a billboards full of spelling mistake,what do you feel? You feel angry and you get irritated. Same applies for Blogs too. A Blog with a spelling error showcase you that you are an amateur. This also tells you that you are not serious about Blogging.

My initial blogs are full of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes. And since I was using informal language readers are actually confused a bit more. Again the primary need of communication is affected and also my seriousness towards blogging is questioned.

Lessons Learnt: Even though it takes additional time, it really worth to do spell check. Avoiding Spellcheck is the Biggest Mistake

Never and ever use Open ended Closing

My perception towards curiosity is entirely wrong. Curiosity of Avengers 4 is raising day by day, because we want to know what happen to all the superhero. We want to know whether Spider man will be back or not. So here ending the movie open ended has worked. But Not the same for blogs.

Artboard 4
Snapshot shows How I close my blog on multitasking open ended, thinking to create curiosity on readers. But it just backfires

My entire perception was wrong. I thought this would bring audience some sort of curiosity to my next blog. But it just backfired and result in losing my followers

Lessons Learnt: Leaving something for audience open ended might work on a avengers movies, but not for Blog. Avoid closing your blog Open Ended.

Do Prior Research

During my initial days of blogging, whenever I got some idea or any blog content immediately that night, I would start opening my word press and start typing. As result my blog would look appealing to me but not to others.

Immediate sharing of our thoughts to others is fine, but I should have tried to do some research, gather some data related to your idea and then only go for writing, This would have given a better clarity for my blog

Lessons Learnt: Don’t be in a Hurry to write and publish your blog. Do research, get relevant information, only then go for writing

Add Visually Appealing elements, But not Overpower it

Fact says, Every 6 minutes, some type of humor is required in book to keep the audience intact. But all my initial blogs have mostly only one visual elements which would photo, that too a feature image photo. I have not use any external links- which again shows that I have not done any prior research on the subject, No video, No gif.. Nothing.

Artboard 5
Snapshot shows How I wrote a blog on personal branding without even using single visual elements.This made that blog looks dull, eventhough the content is powerful

A Blog without visual elements feel more or less like reading a Legal document. On the other side a blog with visual elements feel like reading a comics. So includes at least one or two visually appealing elements to you blogs.

Also be cautious not to overpower it, which I have done lately and got backfired.

Lesson Learnt: Keep at least one or two visual elements, but not more

No proper choose of category

I was so stupid in choosing the category. “Try 2 b creative”, ” Start of something new” are the some of my category list. This is one clear evidence that showcase you are not taking blogging a serious one.

And one more evidence to show my stupidity is that , I was writing a series of blog called ” 10 things to follow” and immediately I made a category called “10things2follow” , same for “Prized possession” Series too.

Artboard 6
Snapshot shows some of the wrong choice of category I have made earlier

Also one more disadvantage with this stupid naming for category is that, you will find it difficult to put in your website. In menu bar, you cant put blog category as Prized possession. Rather it should be Motivation.

Lessons learnt: Choose which category your blog belongs to wisely. Or Else it will showcase your inability for blogging

Choosing Category after completion of Blog

This is again a bigger mistake that I did. After completion of Blog, I used to figure out what category does my blog belongs too. It’s like watching a movie without knowing the genre of movie. And as a result, it showcase my inefficiency in naming a blog and so the above stated category like “10Things2follow” or “PrizedPossesion” was created.

Lesson learnt: At first, Decide which category your blog belongs to. Then do the rest

Giving Irrelevant tags or Too many tags

I do tag all my blog towards the end which is really good. But the mistake is I do lot of tagging or say irrelevant tags. Initially I was not aware of SEO-Search Engine Optimization and why these tagging are necessary.

See the below snapshot from my Prized possession Blogs. “Importance of Life” is one tag, “Rkrofficial” one tag. No one is going to type in google as rkrofficial and going to search my blog, which I again a Big mistake.

Artboard 7
Snapshot shows my stupidity of keeping more tags/irrelevant tags

And in other case, Less is more is graphic design type blog. But still I tag Motivation into it, just for the sake of getting views of the followers who follow motivation. But it just made me to lose my followers.

Lessons Learnt: Tagging is essential. But at the same time be cautious not to use irrelevant tags or too many tags. Using irrelevant tags just for the sake to getting more traffic is like killing yourself and using too many tags is just like spamming

Being consistent

When I started, I was consistent. I posted blog regularly on Oct, Nov & Dec month. But then there was a long gap. This will not only dilute my readers & followers interest, but all our own interest in blogging

Artboard 8
Snapshot shows my inconsistency from blogging for almost 3 months

Lessons Learnt: Consistency is Key to develop your Blogging

No one will Promote your Blog. You have to Do it

Initially I was using only Facebook to promote your blog and I thought it would automatically get spread out. Then one day after several months, one of my colleague asked me, what do you do on weekends. I say, I write blogs. The answer he gave me is, Is it so, I am not aware of it. Then I realized that even a person who knows you better is not aware of you writing blogs , then how come you can think that some unknown will come and read your blog. If you want to get the viewers attention to read it, then its your duty to promote it. At least during initial stages of blogging, till you get some sort of popularity.

Lessons Learnt: All your writing will go in vain, if you don’t take step to promote it

Respect Followers and fellow Bloggers

One of the biggest mistake I did is not respecting fellow bloggers. I was not replying to their comments. The very first thing when I googled what not to do in Blogging or why do blogger fail, the first and foremost point is not respecting other bloggers, or not replying to their comments.

See the below snapshot, Varma has commented and I have not replied anything to his comments. This would have just diluted his interest to follow my blog!

Artboard 9
Snapshot shows that I have not replied to comment from Varma

See the below snapshot, Nicole has commented on Dec 31st,2017 and I have replied on Jan 7th, 2018. Replying late is also a mistake.

Artboard 10
Snapshot shows that I have replied late to the comment from Nicole

Lessons Learnt: Respect. Respect & Respect your Followers and fellow bloggers. Remember that, Without them you are nothing.

Not spending enough time for learning & Improving How to write a blog

Up to my first 28 blogs i.e still Jan 1st, 2018 , I have never taken a single step to understand how to write blogs. I have never spend enough time of reading and understanding other bloggers of how to write blogs. All the above stated mistakes, is the result of this one mistake. If I would have spend some time prior to Oct,2016, then these mistake could be avoided at the first phase itself.

Lesson Learnt: Keep learning. And don’t stop!

Mistakes found & Trying to correct

Now we are moving into second buckets. These are some mistakes which I could identify in these years, but in one or other way I am struggling to correct it.

Choice of Headlines

Even I am not sure, whether the headlines for this blog is correct or not.My research says that naming “How to ..” blogs works well. So I thought initially to keep this blog name as How to write blogs..But that doesn’t add a flavor of personal touch to it. Then I thought naming with numbers like, “10 steps to follow… “, or “25 things to avoid during…” works well. So I thought to name this blog as ” 25 Blogging mistakes from my blogs..” , But that too I felt there is no personal touch to it. There are lot many website for creating Headline, But somehow still I could perfect myself from Choice of Headlines.

Artboard 11
Snapshot shows some of the headlines which i have used in my initial days of blogging. Looks weird now!

However I am happy with the way I have improved. Look at the snapshot of my headlines initially and I am sure you would laugh by looking at it!!

Lesson Learnt: Headlines is opening card of your blog. So spend enough time to choose your headlines.

Feature Image

A good feature image sometime overpowers the title and the blog itself. Right from day one of my blogging, I have struggle to figure out the right feature image for my Blogs.

Initial days I kept my photo with/without modifications as a feature Image (Refer below). Then I thought what is my photo to do with feature image. Is there anything to do with your blog and your blogging. It helps to do only one thing which is when I shared the blogs through social media, people who knows me get to know about this blog, but why would an unknown person read your blog seeing your photo as feature image?

Artboard 12
Snapshot shows the different photos of mine, which I have used during my initial days of blogging

So, to overcome this then I thought to create something unique and create an feature image (Refer below) on my own and use it for all my blog. (Even I have written two blogs of How do I create that feature image and Why feature image is essential). But again this feature image as backfired me. Using same image as feature image, I thought that it is one sort of branding, but it resulted in Confusion. People started asking me why are you posting same blog again and again.

Artboard 13
Snapshot shows how I have confused readers by using similar type of feature image for different blogs. (This is one mistake which I have done lately)

So, Now I am just choosing an High quality image from or relevant to my subject and using it as feature image. I am still not clear whether this is right or not. Researching in progress…

Lessons Learnt: A good feature image sometime overpowers title or the blog itself. So be cautious on choosing feature image. For the sake of branding don’t put your own photo as feature image, instead put something which is relevant to your blog content.

How to begin a Blog?

Most of the Blogs I have started like, ” Hi guys…”, ” Good morning guys..”, and so on.Is this a right methods to begin a blogs. As per my study from various blog, no one has ever started blogs like good Morning.. Some even question me what if some one read your blog at midnight.. You are telling them good morning at night. And also blogging is a platform all over the world. So if you publishing at morning in India, then it is midnight in US. So definitely good morning guys is not a right choice..

Artboard 14
Snapshot shows how I have started most of the blogs

Even Now I am not clear how to start my blog, whether to start with Hello, or to start with a question, or with a Quotes, or directly come to the point, still not clear..

Lessons Learnt: Never start a blog with Good morning guys…

Wrong Choice of Blog website Theme

How you website looks also matters. Whether it is easy for accessible, so that followers could access and read your other blogs too. No one is going to land into your website starting from Home page. Everyone is going to click on some links for your blog and if the blog interest them, then they start going to your Home page and look for other blogs.

Initially I have used a photographic theme for my blogs which look so good to me and so stupid to others. Because it shows only the feature image and when they scroll over the image it shows Headlines. It is such a bad idea to keep that theme for blogging. So Now I have changed it. But still not clear whether this the right one.

Artboard 19
Snapshot shows how by mistake I have used Photographic theme for by blog.It looks so odd

Lessons Learnt: Your Blogging theme should match with your Blogging niche. Don’t use Photography theme for blogging

Giving equal importance of reading other blogs

I am happy with the way I have develop my blogging. But I am very sad to say this that I am not happy at all with the way I spend time for reading other blogs.This is a huge setback to me and I am trying to correct it.

I do follow lot many bloggers. But I often say to myself that following alone is not enough, you should read the blog which they wrote, read it completely and then genuinely give your comments. Following Bloggers and not reading is as simple as not following.

Lessons Learnt: Reading other blogs is as important as writing your blog.

No Domains

Still I didn’t bought my own domains. I am not sure whether rkrofficial is right name or not. When I started my blogging, i don’t think much on this point, which is really a bigger mistake. I am not satisfied with I am very clear that if I buy my domain, I should not buy for rkrofficial. People still critique me that in rkrofficial you write blogs and in rkr unofficial what do you do? I should have started blogging with my full name, say Karthikraj, which is still far better that rkrofficial.

Artboard 15
No Domains yet. Need to Buy it as quick as possible

Like the way you spend time for writing a blog ,the same importance to be given for investment of money in getting domain, hosting, create logo, establishing our own brand and so on. And about all choosing right name matters. I am still struggling to get the right name for my blog.

Lessons Learnt: Pick the right name & start buying your domains and host it as quickly as possible.

Publishing Time

Not a single two set of blog I have publish on unified time. I would often think that I should have a fixed time for publishing my blog. Say if I want to publish at 6 pm every friday, then each and every blog I need to publish on that time only. And even wordpress provide an option to publish later, I have never used that. This is again a biggest mistake and should take care of it in future

Artboard 16
Snapshot shows that there is no fixed publishing time

Lessons Learnt: Have a Fixed time for Publishing blogs

Don’t advice, rather share experiences

This is one of the greatest mistake I was doing in my blogs and my friend corrected me. I have huge inspiration from motivation guru Robin Sharma. I do follow lot many motivational speaker. What they were doing, they are just advising and we blindly follow it. This was my thought initially and so most of initial blogs (say the complete 10 things to follow series) is based on advice. But later on, my friends help me in realizing the fact that even though we follow their advice blindly, it takes years for them to reach that level. In their initial days, they all are sharing their experiences and people feel their connected with their experience and they follow them. Use the same logic for blogging also.

Artboard 17
Snapshot shows that my stats is improving from the Apr’18 onward. The reason is I started sharing experience than advice.

His point of view is so true that I have practically witnessed from my blog. My most viewed blog is The Artist in me.. I do agree it is an motivating blog, but it is scripted from my own experiences. Experience are more powerful than advice. In order to advice you should have strong backup of your experience in that subject.

But this is a biggest challenge, which I am really struggling to cope up with. Even this blog is an experience from my past 3 years of blogging.

Lessons Learnt: Don’t advice. Rather speak experiences

Mistakes not found

Here comes my last bucket of classification. As the title suggests, there would definitely some mistakes which I could have not figure out yet. So in this case if anyone feel that there are still lot many mistake I need to correct with, please do post in the comments. I would take this opportunity to correct myself

Artboard 18
There is always something to learn. So What are the mistakes which I have missed out, please share in the comments. Will be definitely helpful

It’s time to sum it up

This is longest blog I have written so far. But I really love the process of scripting this blog till the end. I am sure that this blog would be definitely be a guide for any new bloggers to begin with blogging.

Also with this blog, I would take an opportunity to tell everyone that I have taken my blogging seriously and I am sure to develop myself further in upcoming years. And also below shown are my target/goal which I desire to achieve from blogging

  • Publish at least one post in Huffington post & Forbes
  • Get a word of appreciation from my closest friend (From the day I started blogging, he follows my each and every blog. He tells me none of your blogs interest me or inspire me. Get a word of appreciation would be a most difficult goal, which I have ever made)

I am really happy about myself not for successful completion of 50th blogs, but for the fact that I am able to figure out the mistake and trying myself to correct it. So,

Artboard 20


Do post your comments & Feedback !! Thanks all for your supports so far.!!

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