10 Things 2 Follow- D’ New Beginning !!

#10things2follow- A journey to change yourself !! ┬áIs this journey going to end today ? Or else we are going to begin with the Fresh start today? Let us have quick recap of #10T2W.... So, if you are the person, who has done the activity which were indented, then I am sure that at-least by... Continue Reading →

10 Things 2 Follow-Part 11-(#10-Simplicity)

Hi Guys...Hope you all had a great Christmas!! With this same joy, we will move on to last but not least #No.10 of #10T2W.. So it is... Simplicity.. A Simple term, but to follow it , is very difficult.. You may easily convince me saying that I am simple, But for saying that you need... Continue Reading →

10 Things 2 Follow-Part 9 (#8-SELF TALK)

Hi Guys..Good Evening.. Are you hearing rights music based on state of Mind? (Catch my earlier blog in case anyone missed out...10 Things 2 Follow -Part 8 (#7-Music)) Next most important segment in our #10T2F is.. Before going into Self Talk concept, we have to walk-through a little on Words.. Hindus have Bhagavat Geeta, Christian... Continue Reading →

10 Things 2 follow- Part 6 (#5 REFLECTIONS)

Hi Guys.. Thanks all for ur wishes for my earlier blog.. Hope so you are keep tracking on ur simple activities in #10T2W..(Follow my earlier blogs to get a gist about it..10 Things 2 Follow-Part 5 (#4-Abundant Knowledge)) So what's Next? No.5 in #10T2W is about... Reflection's... Sound's weird...Right.. Yes!!. Let us start with Physics.... Continue Reading →

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