Life Lessons from Movies- Beingkarthik Nov’18 summary

Movies not only entertain us. But also teach us. This blog is a collection of my observed life lessons from superheros movies

Inspirational Person in my life – Beingkarthik oct’18 monthly rollup

Good thoughts need to be shared This is why Beingkarthik blog was started. Every month one theme was chosen and several blogs are being published under the theme. October'2018 Theme: Inspiring Person in my life No of Blogs published : 4 Synopsis: We become better person day by day because we learned by seeking inspiration... Continue Reading →

My First Book Launching soon…

“ Sharing is Caring..." I am a strong believer of this quote. I grow up by seek inspirations from the world. It helps me and impacts my life. And so, I always prefer to share my inspirations, my thoughts, my learnings and experiences to outside world. This is the sole purpose of my life and this... Continue Reading →

BeingKarthik Launched !!

Hi guys...My new website launched... Henceforth all my blog post will be on Feel free to skim around the website and post your suggestions Thanks you all for love and support..Expecting same in future too ! Your motivation drives me forward !!

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